Summary Edit

The Bubblegum Gang finds a golden fossil buried under their lawn. Then they go to the museum to see if it is rare! It turns out it was a replica but soon one guy says that the REAL one was stolen by ANOTHER evil team: The squirrel gang!!!! Will they find the REAL golden fossil before the museum is out of luck?

Plot Edit

It all starts when Cupcake mows the lawn (which in Cat Land it is pink). All of a sudden her "Spy Bracelet" observes the underground and it finds a fossil. It's not just ANY fossil, it's a GOLDEN FOSSIL!!!! She digs into the soil with her bare hands (in Cat Land the soil is soft so it is confusing why they do not sink). It was a huge golden fossil but it seems like a bit broke off. Oh yeah.... it's in the lawn mower -_-. Cupcake rushes back to her house to tell her family the big news. Mom seems really surprised. Dad says it might be the missing fossil at the museum but all of a sudden a newscaster busts down to door and finds the golden fossil. "WELL LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE!!!! THIS FAMILY FOUND THE MISSING GOLDEN FOSSIL!!!!!!!" The news man says out loud and hurts Prrrty's ears.