The Cave is the fourth episode of Bubblegum Cats.

Summary Edit

The Bubblegum gang goes on an adventure to a cave. But somehow, while climbing on a mountain, Sandy slips off the edge and lands in a pile of leaves. The rest try to look for her, but the dog gang kidnaps one of them at a time until there's only Isabel left. Will Isabel make it to Sandy without getting kidnapped?


The episode starts off when Prrrty puts on her makeup. Then, Isabel howls for her when breakfast is ready. For breakfast, they had bubblegum flavored cereal. Then Blueberry says she wants to go on an adventure. Sandy said "Maybe adventure could fly out of the window!" Soon as she said that, a note flys out of the front window of their house. Cupcake opens the note. It says th following:

Dear brave ones,

This is your lost grandmother. See, I am living in a huge cave now, and I would like you to come over to my house today by 12:00 sharp. I baked pastries such as scones and cinnimon rolls, and as for Prrrty, I got you your favorite vegetables such as carrots and beets. There is just one problem. It is not easy getting up to the cave. As you can see, my house is up on a huge mountain. You would need to climb up the mountain to get to it.

Hope you can make it :)


Isabel says she would like to go there. Prrrty shouts out NO WAY to her because she did not want to get injured while climbing on the mountain. She also adds that maybe it could of been a trick. They just start heading there anyways BUT FIRST, they need all of their supplies just incase they get lost. They have the following: Toothbrushes, bubblegum, food, bubblegum, bubblegum, blankets, bubblegum, coats, AND MORE BUBBLEGUM!!! (and a few matches incase they are cold).

The Bubblegum Gang starts to head there now They also got their climbing gear to climb up that steep mountain. It seemed like hours to get up there, but it only took like 10 -15 minutes to get about 1/4 up on the mountain. THE MOUNTAIN WAS HUGE!!! As soon as they reached half way there,...... SWOOSH!!! The bad winds are coming now. As the wind was blowing, they LOST the following: 2 of the 5 flashlights, about half of their supply of bubblegum, and one match, (Prrrty was pretty upset about that). Soon, something happened.